Aqueous Parts Washers save time and money.  Combining hot water, high pressure jets and our specially formulated biodegradable parts washer detergent cleaning greasy, dirty parts in a swift and efficient manner is easy. The Automatic Parts Washers operate on a principle similar to an industrial dishwasher, parts are simply placed in a stainless steel mesh basket and the washer does all the work. Within minutes clean parts are dry and ready to unload.

Parts Washers
High-pressure cleaning solutions
For our customers who prefer to manually clean their parts we have a Manual Aqueous Parts Washer that  enables hand scrubbing of oily, dirty parts in warm water with our specially formulated biodegradable parts washer detergent.  Our cleaning agent is not caustic on employees hands and does not present the health risks associated with solvents.
Safer for your employees
Safer for the environment
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